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Chocolate Chips & Rocket Ships

99 1/2 fun poems by John O'Marra

100 amazing illustrations by 100 different artists.

Top talent from over a dozen different countries, who have created Children's Books, Comic Books, Rock Posters, Video Games, Fine Art and more!

Starting June 4th, one new poem and accompanying illustration every day for 100 days.

Full Color, 220 page, 8 1/2 x 11 Hardcover Book coming in November.

So check out the poems online all summer, and enjoy the book this fall!

Ordering info coming soon!

By John O'Marra

With A Little Help From Family

Enjoy Your Time Looking Around!

‘Cause You Know Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings

Poem of the Day, 88 of 100

‘Cause You Know Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings, illustrated by Cory Godbey



Poem of the Day, 87 of 100

Mug, illustrated by Adam Osgood


Poem of the Day, 86 of 100

Mine, illustrated by Ian Vanderhill

Thank You

Poem of the Day, 85 of 100

Thank You, illustrated by Ryan Durney

The End

Poem of the Day, 84 of 100

The End, illustrated by Ingi Jennson



Poem of the Day, 83 of 100

Mint, illustrated by Paul Miller

Mommy Playground

Poem of the Day, 82 of 100

Mommy Playground, illustrated by John  Mavroudis


Poem of the Day, 81 of 100

Names, illustrated by John Lee


Poem of the Day, 80 of 100

Boogers, illustrated by Sean Dove


Poem of the Day, 79 of 100

Costumes, illustrated by Ian Jepson